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I’ve already done my CPR certification training few years ago. I pretty much know the basics of how to perform a CPR, then why do I attend a CPR refresher training program YET again? Well is that all that’s required, the basics??? A CPR certification?  What if you think that you remember the basic steps of CPR, but in reality have forgotten it and are unable to perform CPR when required? How would you feel if you see your family or friend in such helpless situation? Sounds hypothetical!!! I know it does but turns out to be a reality at times, AND that is the reason we need to keep ourselves updated of the new techniques in performing CPR and this is where the CPR refresher training comes into picture.

Here are few more reasons why you should update your CPR skills every 12 months, according to accreditation with Fitness Australia.


  • You can Save a Life:

Example 1: Bill is a financial analyst who came to visit his cousin John with his family. Since they were meeting after a long time they went out for a meal and after a hearty dinner they went for a drink where they celebrated by sharing memories and childhood incidents. In between all these celebrations, Bill suddenly feel’s a sharp pain in his jaw, is unable to breathe and feels uneasy and within seconds loses  consciousness.

Everyone was shocked but John did not waste a second, he immediately had Bill moved and performed CPR. Medical help arrived minutes later and Bill was taken to the hospital and he survived the heart attack.

Now let’s get to some real a life case, there might have been instances where you heard about children drowning, or having a sudden attack. In one such case, where eight children almost drowned, the rescuers performed CPR on four kids and the by the time they could rescue the other four and do the same it was too late. A study conducted at the Children’s Hospital (Westmead, Sydney) mentioned that, the four kids survived because of the immediate action taken.

Be it your family or someone else’s, it does feel proud when you save a life. Try it to believe it.


  • Teach your kids/colleagues/friends the skill

Think of it this way, you as a bystander save someone’s life, now what if you could teach the same skill to others and it becomes a chain where everyone helps everyone!! Oohh !! Sounds really nice, right! In reality it could be a lot better than just sounding nice. Or let’s put it this way what if you aren’t at home/office when someone needs immediate help? Do they have to wait for you? What if you don’t reach on time? What if you are in that situation and aren’t able to help yourself? In such case the skills that you passed on will come to your rescue.


  • New and easy techniques

About a decade ago, it would have been very difficult to perform CPR as and when required. The process was long, complicated and difficult to remember. But today it’s been made very easy. The new CAB technique- compression’s, airway, breathing makes it easier to remember and perform CPR whenever required.
It’s always important to keep refreshing our knowledge on CPR, knowing that it can save lives.

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