Fire and Emergency Response

Product Description

At Citadel First Aid, we understand that no organisation is the same. There is not a teaching method that can achieve maximum learning outcome across all businesses. Customization is a key to teaching with impact. Our training resources include real life scenarios, fire scene scenarios, that enable us to gauge and promote student emergency response, capacity building on the spot.

Our trainers have 20 years experience, in teaching with excellence in the field of fire and safety. Our consultants take their time to get to know the customer’s workplace and deliver relevant training that meets customer expectations.

Course subjects include:

+ Legal and Regulatory requirements for fire wardens
+ Raising the alarm
+ Building fire safety
+ Human behaviour in emergency events
+ Fire behaviour in buildings
+ Emergency Plans
+ Evacuation Procedures
+ Fire warden training requirements
+ Fire warden responsibilities and procedures
+ Dealing with emergency services
+ Post evacuation procedures and incident analysis

Subjects related to Fire Warden training include:

+ Fire Warden Training
+ Fire Extinguishers Training
+ Evacuation Drills Training
+ Fire indicator panel Training
+ Warden Communication Training

Fire and Emergency Response

Onsite only $1,500 for up to 15 staff


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